Bison Ancient Dignity "Honoring our National Mammal

This sculpture is 17"H x 19"L x 9"W

Honoring Native American history and Ancient Copper Culture in the Great Lakes region, my copper sculpture symbolizes the evolution of both the bison and the people. It is embellished with two Iroquois wampum belts representing the Great Law of Peace- written by Iroquois and the foundation of our US Constitution, and the Two Row wampum- our first agreement with the colonists representing 2 boats going down the river and not interfering with each other’s path. Other symbols represent the Medicine Wheel and the Thunders (Grandfathers) who are very loud and bring the rain to Mother Earth. A hand-wrought, cut copper assemblage was welded in both copper wire and hard silver solder using oxy/acetylene gas and then mounted onto a natural stone. The bison’s "wool" was welded using 4g copper wire to create a molten copper texture.