Buffalo Mask

This sculpture is 23H"x18.5W"x7"D

The buffalo was a gift of love from the Great Spirit to his red children. All parts of this wonderful animal were used. Nothing was wasted. Hides were made into tepees, clothing, robes, and rawhide bags called parfleches. The meat was their food. Ancient bison remains from 5,000 years ago were found as far east as Wisconsin. A long copper pike (spear) was found alongside him.

The recent birth of a white buffalo symbolized that Native Americans will once again be strong and survive. The

Oneida People (Iroquois) have always been mask makers. Not only was the mask powerful to the wearer, but it was powerful to all in its presence. The False Face Society (our healers) wear masks that are kept secret from the public. My copper masks are created to tell traditional stories with their patterns and shapes.