Four Elements



We listen and hear the voices of the four winds. We are assured that they are following the instructions of the Creator. They bring us strength. They come from the four directions. For this we give greetings and thanks.


We give thanks to the spirit of waters for our strength of well being. The waters of the world have provided many things. They quench our thirst, provide food for the plant life, and are the source of strength for the medicines we need. 


We give greetings and thanks to our Mother Earth. She gives us that which makes us strong and healthy. We are grateful that she continues to perform her duties as she was instructed. The women and Mother Earth are one- givers of life. We are her color, her flesh and her roots. (Iroquois Prayers of Thanksgiving)


Fire has great importance to our lives. Fire keeps us warm, it helps to prepare our food, to clear our land for new crops, to send messages, to purify and bless our gatherings, and to take our prayers up to the Creator. The Oneida Wolf Clan members are known as the fire keepers and pathfinders.