This sculpture is 19"H X 8"W X 14"L

Long ago, a group of hunters looking for game, came to a clearing and saw a rabbit as big as a bear. The leader of the hunters raised his hand to gesture not to shoot. The large rabbit nodded and then began thumping the ground. Rabbits came to the clearing from all directions, ignoring the hunters. The big rabbit began to thump in a different way...like a drum beat. All the rabbits began to dance around the big rabbit. The hunters watched as the rabbits danced. When the thumping stopped, the big rabbit jumped right over the hunter's head and was gone.

A Clan Mother from the village explained to the hunters later, that the Rabbit Chief showed us this special dance to honor the Rabbit People. To this day, the Rabbit Dance is done by the Iroquois to thank the Rabbit People for all they have given...not only food and clothing, but also a fine dance that makes people happy.