Wolf Mask

This sculpture is 14H"x11W"x3"D

Wolf, Bear and Turtle are the three clans of the Oneida Nation. Ours is a matrilineal society, which means your clan and Nation membership all come from your mother.

The Wolf Clan is responsible for providing guidance on Mother Earth. They are known as the pathfinders. They give us direction in the way we should go on the pathways of life. The wolf is responsible for guiding the people in their lives to live in the way the Creator has meant for them. The wolf has taught us to use our ears and to be watchful. The wolf has a strong sense of family.

The Oneida People (Iroquois) have always been mask makers. Not only was the mask powerful to the wearer, but it was powerful to all in its presence. The False Face Society (our healers) wear masks that are kept secret from the public. My copper masks are created to tell traditional stories with their patterns and shapes.