Garden Sculpture


This sculpture is 30" x 77"

Inspired by the beautiful rainbow of colors seen in many Oneida women's outfits, whether traditional or fancy, we chose to name this piece "Rainbow". During the 1800's and early 1900's, Oneida women earned and important part of the family income by selling their artwork to non-Natives at tourist centers. Oneidas and other Iroquois created a new style which featured floral designs composed of glass beads in every color. Raised beaded designs were applied to new shapes such as handbags, pincushions, needlecases, and wall pockets. Most of these meticulous creations were intended to be worn as accessories to women's clothing or displayed in Victorian parlors. The method by which a build-up decorative surface was applied to an object was entirely traditional. Oneidas regarded beadwork as a gift from the Creator to teach patience and humility and to be shared. The Oneidas are one of the only tribes to use pink and purple in addition to primary colors... therefore utilizing all the colors of the rainbow.

Shipping and Handling UPS ground with insurance $150
(Same cost to ship 2 in same box) If you order 2 or more, please drop us a note detailing your order and we will issue an invoice with the adjusted shipping and handling charges. Click Here to send us a note at: Sales@TurtleClanArt.com

Set of 36 inch steel stakes included with each sculpture (Sculpture slides over stakes to be free-standing in garden all year ... and looks great in the snow!)